Olivari - CHIARA

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Pair of handles on roses with integrated return spring.
Available with locking options in the same finish.
Italian Olivari manufacture, 100% made in Italy
Material: Solid brass
Designed by: Studio Olivari

The two roses have an installation direction, right version R (right) and left version L (left).
The Olivari factory has the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certificate and the EN 1634-2 ED 2008 certificate on fire resistance.

Total length: 149mm
Rose: 47x10mm
Protrusion: 68mm
Spindle section: 8mm
Spindle section of turn&release (if ordered): 6mm

The contents of the box:

- A pair of handles
- A spindle of 8 mm section
(On request, we provide iron squared sleeves for the spindles)

- The screws required for assembly
(On request, we provide screws which go through the doors and escutcheons with thimbles, used for the german standard DIN for example)

- The escutcheons that you ordered
(If you order with the turn&release, the diameter of the turn&release spindle is 6mm. On request, we can furnish iron squared sleeves in various sizes)

Fixing system

Mechanical components

Category of use


Grade 3: High frequency of use by the public



Grade 7: high frequency of use: 200.000 cycles

Type of operation:


Type B spring-loaded forniture

Guaranteed finishes

The corrosion test in salt spray is the most critical test of those we have done on our products. 80 hours in salt spray correspond to 1 year use in normal use condition.