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Pair of handles on roses with integrated return spring.
Available with locking options in the same finish.
Italian Olivari manufacture, 100% made in Italy
Material: Solid brass
Designed by: Franca Helg & Franco Albini

The two roses have an installation direction, right version R (right) and left version L (left).
The window handle version is available upon request.
The Olivari factory has the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certificate and the EN 1634-2 ED 2008 certificate on fire resistance.

Total length: 137mm
Rose: 47x10mm
Protrusion: 47mm
Spindle section: 8mm
Spindle section of turn&release (if ordered): 6mm

The contents of the box:

- A pair of handles
- A spindle of 8 mm section
(On request, we provide iron squared sleeves for the spindles)

- The screws required for assembly
(On request, we provide screws which go through the doors and escutcheons with thimbles, used for the german standard DIN for example)

- The escutcheons that you ordered
(If you order with the turn&release, the diameter of the turn&release spindle is 6mm. On request, we can furnish iron squared sleeves in various sizes)

Vis system

Mechanical components

Category of use


Grade 3: High frequency of use by the public or others with little incentive to exercise care and with a high chance of misuse.



Grade 7: high frequency of use: 200.000 cycles.

Type of operation:


Type B spring-loaded forniture.

UNI EN 1634-2 Ed. 2008

Fire resistance certificate

Guaranteed finishes

The corrosion test in salt spray is the most critical test of those we have done on our products. 80 hours in salt spray correspond to 1 year use in normal use condition.