Ginkgo Biloba PVD Gold

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  • Italian brand DND Handles
  • Designer: Giulio Lacchetti
  • Set with 2 door handles on rose and escutcheons
  • Return spring for high stability
  • Round rose with FINE system 4 mm thick
  • Handle material: hot stamped brass
  • Color: PVD antique bright gold 

    Vis system

    Mechanical components

    Category of use


    Grade 3: High frequency of use by the public or others with little incentive to exercise care and with a high chance of misuse.



    Grade 7: high frequency of use: 200.000 cycles.

    Type of operation:


    Type B spring-loaded forniture.

    UNI EN 1634-2 Ed. 2008

    Fire resistance certificate

    Guaranteed finishes

    The corrosion test in salt spray is the most critical test of those we have done on our products. 80 hours in salt spray correspond to 1 year use in normal use condition.